Top 10 Best Power Rack Exercises

In recent years power racks have become much more popular in home gyms, and for good reason. Because these racks can be used for a wide variety of exercises that workout every part of the body. This blog will go through the ten best exercises to do with your power rack. 

  1. Back Squat: One of, if not the most popular power rack workout, and for good reason. The back squat works out the hamstrings, quads, back, glutes and core at the same time. 
  2. Bench Press: The other contender for most popular power rack workout. Just like the back squat the bench press works out multiple muscle groups, mostly the chest, shoulders and triceps. 
  3. Deadlift: The deadlift started as a powerlifting event but it has grown in popularity now being a very common workout for everyone regardless of fitness level. Working the hamstrings, glutes, core, back and trapezius muscles means the deadlift is an incredibly effective exercise. 
  4. Good Morning’s: Although less popular than some of the other ones on this list, that does not make them any less effective. This exercise workouts your entire core, lower back, triceps, biceps, shoulders and trapezius muscles making it a vital workout to add to your routine. 
  5. Incline Bench Press: A variation on the bench press, this exercise is great for targeting the upper chest and shoulders more. It also is much less stress on the rotator cuff lowering the chance of injury. 
  6. Military Press: The best exercise for building shoulder muscle by far. It is a challenging exercise but it works out almost the entire upper body and upper back making it incredibly worth it. 
  7. Bent-Over Row: Great for strengthening up the back this works out the entire back while also engaging the glute, hamstring and shoulder muscles. 
  8. Barbell Bicep Curls: Doing curls with a barbell means you are working both arms at the same time, which makes the exercise much more efficient, and the barbell bicep curl is better for heavier weight bicep curls than the dumbbells. 
  9. Barbell Lunges: Maybe the most efficient exercise of the whole bunch. The lunges work the upper body as it supports the weight of the bar, while also working out the entire lower body during different parts of the exercise. 
  10. Pull-Ups: The only exercise of the list that doesn’t use a bar, and for good reason. Pull-ups are a great upper body workout and can be done as supersets between other exercises. 

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