weight plates

What are weight plates, and what are they used for?

A weight plate is a heavy and flat plate, that’s usually made out of cast iron or rubber. They also can be used in combination with adjustable barbells and dumbbells.
Weight plates besides going on an Olympic barbell can be used for:

  • Plank plate switch (Beginner to intermediate)
  • Squad reach (Beginner to Intermediate)
  • Overhead press (Beginner to Intermediate)
  • Lateral raise (Intermediate)
  • Chest squeeze press (Intermediate to advanced)

Why is it important to buy the right weight plates?

It is significant to get the right ones because not every weight plate is the same—the materials are different.
Iron plates are the most traditional, but they can rust over time and are very noisy. Bumper plates are quieter and easier to handle. Rubber is long-lasting but will scratch and mar easily. 

Differences between weight plates

Weight plates come in many different sizes, materials, and even colours. What they mean and what the differences are, you can read in the following text. 

Different weight plates:

Cast iron plate

This type of weight plates are the most long-lasting materials of all. You do not have to worry if you drop them, because weight plates made of cast iron retain their elasticity. So they will not get cracks or other damage. 

Bumper plate

Bumper plates, also named “bumpers”, are weight plates with a core of iron or steel and a thick rubber protective layer. That is why it is not a problem if they fall on the floor—they are not getting damaged and do not harm the floor. 

Fractional plate

Fractional plates, also called microplates, are very small plates with a weight of 0.25 kg to 0.5 kg. They are very suitable for people who already lift heavy loads and achieve a new personal best. 

Rubber coated plate

Rubber coated plates are just steel or cast iron plates that have a rubber coating around them. Sounds like bumper plates, right? — The difference of them are, rubber coated plates can’t be dropped, because the rubber isn’t thick enough to protect the floor. 

Olympic plate

The Olympic discs have a different centre hole than the standard discs. The Olympic plates have a 2″ diameter centre hole, while the standard plates have a 1″ diameter hole. You can do many more exercises with Olympic weight plates than with the standard weight plates. They are also much more stable on the barbell bar.  

What to consider before buying weight plates?

Weightlifting experience

One thing you need to know is the right weight plate choice based on your weightlifting experience. Beginners or very young people should start with a body pump barbell set, while everyone else should use Olympic plates. 

Now that you know all about weight plates and how to find the right ones for you, you’re definitely ready to buy!
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