One Stop Shop: The 4 Best All-in-One Gym Machines in 2021

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When it comes to buying gym equipment, particularly for home gyms, there are a number of factors that need to be considered. The two most important factors being cost and space. It is for this reason that multi-gyms have been growing in popularity in recent years. Being able to use one machine for a number of different exercises and working different muscle groups is ideal for smaller gyms or gyms on a budget. Not only do they remove the need to buy multiple machines, weights etc., they also make for a more spacious and comfortable gym environment.  

Here are some examples of excellent multi-use equipment for your gym: 


Bolt Strength Multi-Gym 1.0 

Bolt Strength Multigym

This multi-gym is an ideal addition to any home gym. It allows you to complete various exercises to build muscle while also allowing you to target and isolate specific muscle groups in order to enhance definition. Some examples of exercises that this machine can be used for includes lat pull down, seated row, chest press and leg extension. 

 Including a 45kg weight stack, the Bolt Strength Multi-Gym 1.0 allows you to train both your upper and lower body. The muscle groups that this machine is capable of targeting include the quads, hamstrings, lower back, arms chest and shoulders. Due to its versatility, it is the perfect machine for those looking for a variety of workouts and can be used to achieve multiple goals.  


Bolt Strength Multi-Gym 2.0 


Multigym 2.0

Another state of the art, high end machine from Bolt Strength is the Multi-Gym 2.0. This machine shares a number of qualities with the 1.0, however, there are some key differences. The 2.0 includes a 75kg weight stack rather than 45kg which makes it an ideal machine to use for those whose goal is to build muscle and strength. This is because 75kg is a fairly substantial weight stack and can provide an intense full body workout with ease. The weight stack also goes up in small increments which allows for weight increases that can aid in building both strength and endurance.  


Bolt Strength Multi-Gym 


Multi Gym

Similar to the previous machines, the original Bolt Strength Multi-Gym is yet another amazing way to train the entire body. With 6 gear adjustments on the middle pulley, you are able to reach all different angles required for training. This means that this machine can be effective in exercising the biceps and triceps as well as chest, legs, lats and deltoids. The all-black design also makes it a sleek and attractive addition to any gym. Additionally, as this machine has a higher spec than the previous multi-gyms from Bolt Strength, it will include stronger material components and will therefore be more resistant to any wear and tear. 

The main functions of this machine include: 

  • Lat Pull Down 
  • Leg Extension  
  • Chest Press 
  • Seated Row 
  • Rowing 
  • One Hand Side Pull 
  • Both Bicep and Tricep Training 

To find where you can purchase the Bolt Strength Multi-Gym please click here. 


Bolt Strength Multi Functional Rack 

Bolt Strength Multi Functional Rack 

Last but not least is the Bolt Strength Multi Functional Rack. This rack is the ideal choice for anyone looking to find a full range of exercises in one, easy to use machine. Offering features that are able to target every muscle group, this machine is the only piece of equipment you will need in your home gym. This rack includes: 

  • Power rack 
  • Smith machine 
  • Functional Trainer featuring 2x cable machine with weight stacks up to 100kg 
  • J Hooks & spotter arms 
  • 2x Landmine attachments 
  • Pull up bar with multi grip options 
  • Dip station 
  • Built in weight plate storage 

The 100kg weight stack also allows users to reach all of their strength and endurance goals.  


Overall, multi-gyms offer a much wider variety of exercises than standard machines while also saving you money and space that would’ve been spent on multiple machines. They are the perfect choice for both home gyms or simply smaller gyms that are looking to preserve space. The multi-gym you choose to buy depends entirely on your needs and budget, similar to buying a car. For more examples of great all-in-one machines, please click here 

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