How to Clean Your Rubber Gym Floor

Rubber is an extremely durable

material and it’s properties of durability, shock-absorption and damage protection make it the perfect material to use for your commercial or home gym. One of the major benefits of choosing to equip your gym with a rubber gym floor is that it is actually extremely easy to clean and sanitize. There are a variety of methods that can be used to safely clean and protect the longevity of the gym floor and it is important that you clean your gym floor correctly in order to avoid damaging the floor itself.

  1. Sweep and/or Vacuum Obvious Surface Debris

For day to day upkeep, it is best to do a quick sweep and vacuum of the surface of the floor for clear surface debris. This will keep the surface of the floor clean and help prevent deep stains from forming on the floor. This is especially important if your gym sees high daily traffic as surface debris will build up and can damage the floor if not swept.

  1. Deep Clean

It is prudent that you do a deep clean with a neutral pH cleanser about once every month or so if your gym sees high volumes of traffic. It is incredibly important that the heavy duty cleaner that you choose will not damage the floor and it is best to choose a neutral pH cleanser to get the job done. A mop, sponge or scrubber will need to be used for optimal results.

It is important to mention that rubber does not readily absorb water very well so you can just leave the floor to dry following a cleaning using any water-based product. By keeping your floor in peak condition, your gym will have a better presentation for gym users and you will end up saving money by virtue of the increased longevity that will come out of continuous care and maintenance.

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