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Boxing Gloves

For boxers, boxing gloves are indispensable. As a fist-only sport, the boxing glove is designed to provide efficient impact cushioning and protection for both you and your opponent.

Boxing gloves should fit perfectly the hands of the boxer, with an extra layer of protection around hands and fingers, and have the function of protecting the practitioner's hands and body, as well as his opponent.

Padding dramatically decreases the intensity of the impact on the boxer's body. In this way, injuries to both practitioners are avoided.

Never strike without wearing gloves; otherwise, it may cause injury. Always wear gloves in your workouts.

What Kind Of Gloves To Choose According To Your Practice Level?

  • A novice boxing practitioner will choose gloves that offer comfort and good airing.
  • A regular boxing practitioner will choose gloves with good wear resistance.
  • A competitive boxing practitioner will choose leather gloves for their excellent strength and protection qualities.
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