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Boxing is a fun, intense full body workout. It's an aerobic exercise that will get your heart pumping, strengthen your bones and muscles and burn more calories. Not only is this a great sport for losing weight, it’s also a great way to lift your mood. Whether you’re sparring or just hitting the pads, we have all the gear you need. Our range of boxing equipment has everything. 100% Authentic. From equipment suited for a top of the range gym, equipment for a novice, right the way down to gloves and pads to be used in fitness classes. We offer official branded equipment such as 'Adidas', 'AIBA' licensed gloves and our own branded ones, 'Laoch'. A wide range of headgear can also be found. We offer bags, speed bags, pads, brackets and many more. Speed ropes and resistance ropes are also in stock for for the cardio side. We have a huge range of boxing gloves with over 15 different selections. This range from gloves to use during fitness classes and go right the way up to 'AIBA' gloves that can be used right up to the highest grade. This includes the 'AIBA' world championships taken place in Hamburg, August/ September 2017. We also have a new MMA section. This includes 'Adidas' pro training MMA gloves and kickboxing bags. *NEW** The 'GANXIN 1.5” High 6 Digits LED Countdown /up Clock' is our newest feature to this section. Perfect for timing rounds, exercises and full settings. It allows the individual to set and save up to 99 different interval variations to create the perfect workout.
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