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Punch bags are an essential tool for anybody who is involved in combat sports such as boxing, MMA, karate, etc. However, many people think they are also a great way to keep fit and active as well as being suitable for keeping stress levels down.

There are many different types and styles of punching bags available for different training goals. The basic punching bags include the heavy bag, of both standing and hanging varieties; uppercut bags; speed bags; and double-ended bags.

As a customer, you should consider the type of training you will be doing to pick the appropriate bag:

Heavy Bags:

Heavy bags are useful if you want to build up strength or build up muscle tone. It is mostly known and used for boxing training, and you will not see any boxing club without one.

Heavy bags are available in two main types; standing bags and hanging bags.

  • Standing bags are useful as they are portable and do not require and form of stabilization, and they only need to be filled with sand or water in order to prevent movement. They are also ideal for anyone who would like to practice kicking exercises as they are low and have good stable weight behind them.
  • Hanging bags can be mounted in a couple of different ways. They may be suspended from the ceiling or connected to the wall. Of course, if the bags are suspended from the ceiling, they will provide punching surfaces on all sides. Wall-mounted bags provide space savings that may be needed in smaller workout areas. In either case, hanging bags are ideal for punching specific workouts.

Uppercut Bags:

An uppercut bag is a smaller version of a heavy bag. The bag is mounted horizontally so that the athlete can practice strikes that start at around waist level and travel up under the chin. A dedicated space is definitely needed for this type of bag in order to get the best results.

Speed Bags:

These are the small air-filled bags that are often used for quick punching exercises by athletes. It is mounted on a short spring that snaps the bag back very quickly when it is hit. The speed bag is designed to help an athlete develop timing rather than strength and power like the heavy bag. It helps the athlete work on hand-eye coordination, speed, and rhythm. These bags need to be mounted on the wall or ceiling, so they are not easily moved.

Double-Ended Bags:

The double-ended bag is about the size of a basketball and is strung between the floor and ceiling with two tight coils. Like the speed bag, it snaps back quickly when hit, but this one acts more like an opponent hitting back, allowing the athlete to practice counter-striking skills. A boxer can practice dodging and swerving and develop coordination using double-ended bags. The bag does need to be permanently mounted, so it does require some dedicated floor space.

As you can see, punch bags come in many different shapes, sizes, weights, and heights. We are happy to help you find the perfect punch bag for you, so if you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us on 018167510 or email us at [email protected].

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