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Agility Ladder


Agility Ladder

Why use an agility ladder?

The Agility Ladder is an ideal training aid to improve foot speed agility and coordination. It is designed to force the feet to adapt to fast patterns of footwork through repetition while enhancing foot and eye coordination. This high intensity exercise is an excellent cardio workout which focuses on developing fast feet drills and lateral agility while increasing speed, balance and reflexes. The Agility Ladder is light and portable and is suitable for both outdoor and indoor use. The fixed round rungs save set-up time and are robust to withstand regular use.

Benefits of Agility Ladder Workouts:

Great for Cardiovascular Health: The agility ladder is not only great for speed, agility and quickness, but it also heightens your heart rate for the entire workout, leading to a fantastic cardio workout.

Huge Calorie Burner: Agility ladders are considered a type of high intensity interval training (HIIT). By going “all out” for a short period of time followed by a period of rest, you are going to burn more calories than other, lower intensity cardio workouts.
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