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Slam Balls

What are they?

A slam-ball is a weighted, often rubber coated ball, that can be used in a variety of different exercises to condition and define your muscles.

Slam Balls vs. Medicine Balls – What’s the difference?

Slam balls and medicine balls are very similar but they have one major difference – they have thicker surfaces which makes them ideal for higher impact throwing exercises. Medicine balls often have a much thinner rubber surface, which makes them impractical for doing constant, high impact exercises.

Benefits of Using Slam Balls:

Slam balls are popular with athletes and casual gymgoers worldwide as they are very easy to use and can efficiently increase muscle mass. Slam balls come in a large variety of weights and can easily replace free weights for many exercises in your workout plan or be incorporated into cardio training. Slam ball training is also incredibly functional and translates to many activities both inside and outside the gym. By training with a slam ball, your body will be taught how to adapt to the ever-changing environment in a way that does not involve conveniently shaped dumbbells.
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