Plate Loaded vs Weight Stack Machines

When starting a home gym there is a tough decision to make when buying the machines you want. Should you get the plate loaded machine or weight stack, each has their own unique benefits. This blog will explain both to allow you to pick which ones are best suited for what you want. Plate loaded machines allow you to fully control the weight during the exercise allowing you to get the perfect weight for you and it allows you to adjust the weight anytime during the workout. Plate loaded machines also have a more natural and smooth feeling while during the workout, plate loaded machines also provide a greater range of motion meaning that you can target more muscle groups with each exercise. Plate loaded machines also are lighter and easier to set up and move around than weight stack machines. The benefits of weight stacked machines are they target a specific muscle group, meaning that every rep is guaranteed to work out the muscle you want. It is also incredibly easy to learn the technique with weight stack machines as most have a diagram at the top showing the correct motion. Because weight stack machines have a controlled motion and less range of motion than plate loaded machines, it stops people from having poor technique while doing the exercise which greatly reduces the risk of injury, which makes it good for older adults or people who are just starting weight lifting again after an injury. Because of the weight stack and not needing to add plates you are able to do the exercise alone without a spotter even with a large amount of weight. 

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