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Why Purchase Machines?

Exercise machines are a common staple at gyms everywhere, whether it be your local commercial gym or your own home gym. These workout machines are highly durable and there is a separate machine that is available for just about every functional muscle group that there is. At Fitness Equipment Ireland we carry a large assortment of commercial fitness machines to suit your needs including:

Weight Stack Machines: Weight stack machines, or pin machines as they are often called, are machines that have built-in stacks of weights and the amount of resistance available during the exercise is determined by the amount of weight stacks that you choose to lift by placing a pin in the appropriate weight.

ISO Plate Loaded Machines: Plate-loaded units are essential when it comes to exercising important muscle groups and increasing your strength training limits. With the capability to precisely change the exercise weight, a plate loaded machine allows users to personalize their exercise routine to accurate measurements.

Bodyweight Machines: Bodyweight machines are those which the only resistance that is provided is that of your own bodyweight and are great for exercises such as crunches and back extensions among other exercises.
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