Choosing the Right Equipment for Your Commercial Gym

Starting a gym can be a daunting task. Once you find the space you are going to have the gym in then you have to start the truly hard task, figuring out which equipment you need. Every gym needs to have the essentials which include cardio equipment, multi-functional racks, benches, bars, weight plates, kettlebells and dumbbells. Cardio equipment is essential to all commercial gyms, every gym should have treadmills, rowing machines, cross trainers, exercise bikes and stairmasters. With those machines your cardio section will be fully loaded and fit every type of cardio workout a person could want. Multi-Functional racks are crucial for every gym because they can be used for multiple exercises like squats, bench presses and many more while only being one machine which saves space for other pieces of equipment. Benches are crucial because they can be used for several different exercises ranging from bench press to multiple different kettlebell workouts. Every commercial gym needs to have several benches to ensure that people aren’t forced to wait for them and move them across the gym from the bench press area to the dumbbell area. Bars are one of the most fundamental pieces to every workout. Every commercial gym needs to have multiple of each different type of bar. Some examples of the different bars are straight bars, which are the most universal bar as they can be used in multiple exercises, trap bar which are the best bar for doing deadlifts, then there are the fixed weight bars which normally come in sets of 10KG-40KG and are the perfect bars to let people have different weight choices without forcing them to load and unload weight plates for the more simple exercises. No gym can function without weight plates. Having 5KG, 10KG, 15KG, 20KG and 25KG plates will guarantee that you have the right weights for every level of customer you will have. These are what you will need the most of, to make sure that there are enough for every person working out and not force them to wait for long periods of time which can lead to them not coming back in the future. Kettlebells are great to have in your gym because it allows people the freedom to choose between multiple different types of exercises while taking up very little space in your gym. There is no standard weight range for kettlebells but it is good to get a wide variety of them to guarantee that there is one for everyone who will want to use them. Finally there are dumbbells which may be the most basic gym equipment but due to their versatility they are one of if not the most crucial thing for every commercial gym. These are another piece of equipment where you must buy multiple of each weight because these will be the most used items in any gym. If you are looking to start your own commercial gym Fitness Equipment Ireland has every piece of equipment you could need to have a successful gym. 

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