Fitness Equipment Maintenance Guide

For most people after working out the last thing they want to do is clean their equipment, but it has to be a priority for everyone to ensure that the equipment can keep functioning properly and to maintain the resale value of it later on. The first and most important tip is to ensure you have a regular cleaning schedule. It can be really easy to put off cleaning the equipment but if you have a set schedule it makes it much easier to get into a routine and after enough time it becomes second nature to clean the equipment. When cleaning your equipment don’t spray the machine directly as this could damage the electronics or discolor the machine, instead spray the solution onto a microfiber cloth and then wipe the machine. When picking a product to use on your equipment it is crucial that they don’t contain ammonia or are alcohol based as they can damage the equipment. Some of the best products to use for cleaning your equipment are disinfecting wipes, because they can be quickly used on all equipment from yoga mats to your cardio and weight stacked machines and are incredibly effective. Also most eco-friendly home use solutions can be used on workout equipment. It may seem time consuming and like extra work but if you properly clean and maintain your equipment then it will last longer, provide better workouts than other equipment of the same age, and will hold its value better if you ever decide to sell the equipment down the road. 

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