Guide to Buying the Right Power Rack

Power racks are maybe the most essential part of any gym. Meaning that choosing the right one is imperative. They are incredibly versatile, the number of different exercises you can do is almost limitless. There are multiple different types of racks to choose from, there are half power racks which may be better for home gyms or smaller spaces as they take up less room than the full size power racks. Full size power racks allow you to fully step into the rack while you are doing an exercise, whereas a half rack you are doing the exercise in front of the rack. With both the half and full power rack there are two different types of each. There are semi commercial and full commercial. Semi commercials are best suited for home gyms, whereas the full commercial is what would be used in large gyms and sports clubs as it can take the constant use that comes with a facility that has a lot of users. Full commercial racks are also drilled into the ground to ensure stability during the exercise. Semi-commercial racks can also be bolted into the ground but it is not always necessary. 

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