The Non-Standard Flooring Options for Your Gym

Besides the more standard option of rubber flooring there are three other types of flooring. There is astro turf which is great for building an indoor sports facility, it is also good for gyms to have a strip of astroturf so when people are doing sled pulls/push they can do it on the turf and not damage the other rubber flooring. There are also multiple different size options for the turf, or you can buy tiles of astroturf and create a field of any size you need. You also have the option to get the customisable turf to put your logo on it. There is also the weightlifting platform which is perfect for protecting the floor under your rigs, it also has the added benefit of reducing the risk of injury while weight lifting as it provides a stable platform with good grip bringing the risk of slipping mid exercise down significantly. You are also able to customise the platform by adding your logo onto them. The final type of flooring we have available is the martial arts mats, there are two different types of mats you can choose from, there is the 20mm thick one and the 40mm thick one. The mats come with different color options, allowing you to create zones in your gym to keep everyone safe, for example you can have red mats to show where the main area is and then have a border of black mats to let the athletes know they are at the edge, and may run into others if they go any further. 

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