The Benefits of Different Types of Gym Floors

It isn’t something most people ever think about, but gym floors are one of the most important parts of any gym. There are a couple of main options to choose from for your main gym floor. The most popular type of gym flooring is rubber flooring. There are two main types of rubber floors, the 15mm one and the 20mm one. The 20mm is best for large commercial gyms as it can withstand constant use and is the best sound absorbing flooring, so when people drop weights on the floor it won’t disturb the entire gym. The 15mm is perfect for home gyms and smaller gyms and sports clubs as it is still incredibly effective at sound absorption and protecting the floor beneath. For both types of flooring you have the option to get the easy clean version. The surface of the easy clean is smooth, which prevents dust from getting into it and keeps it on the surface, meaning that all it takes is a mop and a few minutes of work and your floors are back to looking brand new. We recommend that all commercial gyms and large sport clubs get the easy clean as it is the best way to protect the floors, and not need to replace the tiles. 

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