The Role of Fitness in Preventing Chronic Diseases

Lack of physical activity has been classified as a major cause of chronic diseases. Studies have also shown that physical inactivity can be as harmful to one’s health as poor diet and smoking. Studies have proven that regular physical exercise prolongs the expected lifespan but can also prevent up to forty chronic diseases. Studies have proven that regular exercise is crucial in preventing type 2 diabetes. Because working out forces the skeletal muscles to use glucose which reduces the glucose levels in the rest of the body. Regular exercise has also been proven to lower the risk of developing up to thirteen different types of cancer, including breast, bladder, colon and stomach cancer. The most likely reason for this is because working out decreases the levels of certain hormones and other growth factors which are what also would help tumors grow. Exercise has also been proven to greatly reduce the risk of heart disease and high blood pressure which are two of the leading causes of death today. This is because working out lowers your cholesterol which keeps your arteries from becoming clogged which can cause heart attacks and other coronary artery diseases. Exercise is also a great way at stopping the development of osteoporosis and certain other degenerative bone diseases by stimulating bone formation. Working out is also helpful in slowing the development of arthritis, by keeping all of the joints moving and preventing them from stiffening up and becoming extremely painful. 


In conclusion, exercise is crucial for not only living a healthy lifestyle in the present but ensuring that in the future you can continue to live how you want and not adjust your lifestyle for chronic diseases.

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