Top 10 bodyweight exercises for full-body workouts

Bodyweight exercises are great for a couple of reasons. One, anyone can do them regardless of fitness level or experience and two because they can be done in the comfort of your own home without needing a gym membership or expensive equipment at home. This blog will give a list of the ten best bodyweight exercises.

  1. The Plank: Plank is a great workout because it not only works out your core, but your back, sides and even your glutes as well. 
  2. Push-Ups: There may not be a more famous body weight workout than the push-up. But it’s a classic for a reason, it’s a great exercise for your chest, triceps, back and shoulders. 
  3. Burpees: Hated by many, but there may not be a more effective bodyweight exercise than burpees. Combining a cardio workout with a full body workout it’s the best exercise to do if you want to have a complete workout in a single exercise. 
  4. Calf Raises: Calf raises are an important exercise as they help protect you from a lower body injury which can be very painful and take a long time to recover from. 
  5. Jumping Jacks: Almost everyone has done them but few know just how good of a workout they really are. They are both a cardio workout and a shoulder, core and glute workout. 
  6. Superman: It may feel silly while doing them but supermans are a great workout for people with lower back problems or for those who want to strengthen their lower back to avoid problems in the future. 
  7. Bear Crawls: No longer just for the apex predator. Bear crawls are a great exercise because it teaches the body to move as a unit which can decrease the risk of future injuries, but it also provides a great core and quad workout. 
  8. Tricep Dips: Tricep dips are a great exercise to do to burn off excess energy or if you want your triceps to look like the ones of an action star. 
  9. Pull-ups: Pull-ups are a great workout for your entire upper body and core.  
  10.  Lunge: The lunge is a great exercise to improve your stability but also a great workout for your legs and glutes

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