Top 5 Multi-Functional Exercise Machines to Maximize Your Home Workouts

Top 5 Multi-Functional Exercise Machines

If you are building a home gym and space is not a major concern then you should look into adding machines to your home gym, and while you may want to add every machine possible this blog will go over the 5 essential multi-functional machines that would be a perfect fit in any home gym. 

  1. Forza Prima Seated Leg Curl and Extension: A perfect machine to add to your home gym, this machine allows you to work out your glutes, hamstrings, quads and hip flexors. This machine is incredibly effective at working out multiple major muscle groups in the lower body making it crucial for any home gym.
  2. Forza Prima Functional Trainer: Without a doubt the best multi-functional machine you can add to your home gym. With the dual cable pulley system and a weight stack on each side there is no limit to the amount of exercises you can do with this machine. 
  3. Forza Prima Shoulder and Chest Press: An essential upper body machine for every home gym. A crucial machine to have to work out the pecs, deltoids, triceps and all of the shoulder muscles making it one of if not the best upper body machine you can add to your home gym. 
  4. Forza Prima Ab Crunch and Back Extension: Another crucial machine for any home gym. The ab crunch portion doesn’t just give you an excellent core workout but it also workouts out the oblique muscles, which have massive benefits on your everyday life. And on top of the great core and oblique workout you are also able to get in a thorough back workout. 
  5. Forza Prima Abductor and Adductor: Last but certainly not least, this machine is the perfect addition to any home gym, this machine lets you target both of the major muscles in the hip. Which provides not only strength benefits but helps with mobility and flexibility during daily life. 

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