Gym Equipment For Runners

Woman running on treadmill

Have you always wanted to run as fast as Usain Bolt or as long as Mo Farah. Well, we want to give you a little insight into the best gym equipment for runners.

Strength training, specifically lifting heavier weights, can make you a stronger, faster runner, but more importantly, sports scientists say it gives you longevity, allowing you to run for years without being sidelined by an injury or burnout. Since consistency in training is the number-one key to success in running, lifting weights should be a high priority in every runner’s training program.

But it’s also not all about lifting weights either. Gym equipment such as resistance bands and other forms of training can also be beneficial to runners. Here is a list of the various types of gym equipment for runners available in the market.




As soon as you think about running, a treadmill is the first image that comes to mind. The design and structure allow you to use all your body muscles at your desired pace. A treadmill is a must for people who do not feel comfortable or safe running outside for long hours, like in the winter season. 

They can be costly but are worth the money. You can manage various settings on a treadmill, like the number of intervals, the speed of each interval, and gaps between two intervals. You can keep track of your performance and statistics with this data.


Exercise bike

Exercise Bikes

If you want to focus more on your leg strength, stationary bikes are the best choice. It increases your foot turnover and makes you a better runner.  Here are some add-ons to intense your exercise sessions other than running:


Exercise mat

Working without an exercise mat increases the risks of slipping and falling on the hard floor. You should consider buying an exercise mat even if you have any rugs at your place. Do not go for the cheap ones, as they may fall apart after a few sets. Buy premium quality exercise mats so that you can use them in the future for a long time.


Foam roller

If you experience sore muscles after running, get a foam roller. It helps in the recovery after your long run and reduces the soreness.


Battle ropes

The name itself is exciting and thrilling. Battle ropes give you an intense full-body workout session. It enhances the muscles of your arms, glutes, back, abs, and upper back. Battle ropes alone are enough to tire you out in a few minutes. If you have enough space, they are the best choice.



Dumbbells are an add-on to basic exercises like squats and lunges. They are small and portable and help in strengthening your core muscles and upper body. While purchasing dumbbells, take care of how much weight you can handle and the grip of the dumbbells. You should be able to grab and lift them while exercising comfortably.


Medicine balls

Medicine balls act as a substitute for dumbbells for many runners. They enhance your muscular performance and help in strengthening your abs and arms. Check the weight and grip of the medicine balls before purchasing them to suit your ability.


Plyo box

Enhance your vertical jumping strength and explosive strength using a plyo box. You can do basic exercises on it like box jumping, step-ups, and lunges. These exercises will strengthen your leg muscles and core strength.

Resistance bands

If you do not want to use weights to enhance your workouts, go for resistance bands. They are a cheaper option and take up less space, and their resistance is proportional to their thickness; you can use it while doing squats.


Punching Bags

Punch bags are fun to use and exercise with. They are a great gym equipment option for runners for their all-over body workout. A punchbag session is enough to make you sweat heavily, and it increases your core strength. You should buy a punching bag according to your strength and area available.

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