How HYROX Workouts Can Revolutionize Your Training

HYROX training is the best way to change your fitness routine while still maximising results. HYROX is a great workout to add into your routine because it combines cardio with functional training, which means you get a great workout as well as one that will help you avoid injury in the future. With this workout you will rotate between sled pulls and pushes, rowing, farmers carry, weighted walking lunges, skierg, wall balls and slam balls. Another benefit of HYROX is that everything can be scaled down to the ability of the person doing the workout. Making it great for someone who is just starting their fitness journey or a seasoned athlete looking to add something new to their workout routine. Because it is scalable as you progress with the workouts and add more weight, you will see results much quicker than with other workouts. With the variety of exercises in the workout you will never get bored and the exercises are spaced so you are mixing in cardio during the workout and with the farmers carry, weighted lunges and rowing you get a complete body workout that also provides functional training. Which both works the muscles out and in a way that helps prevent injuries in future workouts or even in everyday life. 

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