Why HYROX Training Is the Best Workout Program for You

HYROX training is the new workout trend that is taking over, it is perfect for all fitness levels and can be a great way to change up your routine, for more about how it can revolutionise your workout check out our other blog on it. This blog will go over how HYROX training is perfect for any fitness level. A major benefit of HYROX training is that it incorporates both low impact and high intensity exercises to deliver a workout that both strengthens the muscles, but also provides functional training which is crucial for preventing future soft tissue injuries from other workouts or just day to day life. Because of the variety of exercises this training program can be done by anyone, if someone is looking for lower impact exercises they can focus more on the SkiErg or rowing. But someone who is looking more for strength training can do more exercises involving power movements which are done in the exercises using wall balls or slamballs. For someone looking for a whole body workout they could do more sled pulls/pushes, weighted walking lunges or farmers carry , all four exercises both strengthen the muscles but also provide a cardio workout, meaning you are improving your heart health at the same time as gaining muscle mass. There are very few workout regimens available now that can simultaneously strengthen and build muscle, improve cardio health and help reduce the risk of future soft tissue injuries. Because of the exercises involved with this program it is very easy to start with lower weight and lower intensity for the exercises and progressively build up to more using more weight and doing more reps, higher intensity and for longer periods of time on the rowing and SkiErg. All while also delivering a cardio workout. HYROX can also be great for finding a community in your area of people who share the same passion of fitness as you do. Not only are the exercises involved with HYROX easy to do with a group, it can actually greatly increase the results you see from the program, because it keeps people motivated and also makes the exercises fun, and people can have friendly competitions while doing them which pushes everyone that little bit extra and keeps the motivation high to continue working out, ensuring that you will truly enjoy going to the gym and working out and not feel like it’s a chore you have to do. 

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