Why Boxing is an Incredibly Effective Workout

When most people think about boxing they think about the fights and the fighters themselves. But few people know just how good of a workout boxing is. Even if you never plan to enter a ring or a real boxing gym everyone should add boxing to their cardio workout routine. As you start off you can just shadowbox which is just throwing punches and not hitting a bag, this is a good cardio workout because it gets your heartrate up and helps your endurance as you do more and more rounds. As you get the technique down then you can buy gloves, pads and the bag. Once you have that then you are able to have not just a thorough cardio workout but a complete body workout as well. Once you start actually hitting the bag or pads you are working out your core, back, chest, arms and shoulders. It doesn’t have to be an hour long workout of hitting the bag either, just a few rounds of 30 seconds to two minutes will raise your heartrate, and make your muscles feel like they just had an intense long workout. 

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